aura caffe

Enjoy the meal!
Studio deberenn completed the Aura range with Aura café. Restaurant and lounge areas can be designed in a parallel way and designers can keep their own unique space concept. Meal times are now more and more enjoyable as you can relax while eating your food. The line of Aura survives with the same touch of personality and colorful approach. By offering different heights and widths, Aura Café is able to create café and restaurant solutions as a part of the contract seating market. The double color use and slim line characterizes the interior and gives architects a good chance to design their own atmosphere which can easily match tables, walls, the floor etc., not depending on product design limits. Aura café is a versatile collection of upholstered modular elements that can be arranged in an endless number of configurations to adapt to the most diverse architectural styles and settings. Based around one simple unit or a group of modulation, Aura café can be used for all current office functions associated with soft upholstery such as food courts and breakout areas, meeting spaces and partitioning. It can be used independently to create private spaces in open plan environments, or alongside each other to enhance collaborative working. With the new “Extra High” addition, Aura Café now offers you a new look and more privacy with optional side panels and wall units covered with fabric that provides a protective screen against unwanted looks or annoying noises.

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