Choose your privacy level
As one of deberenn’s first ideas, the design approach of Versis was seen as a conceptual relaxing and privacy zone in an open space. The two different heights let you choose your privacy level. You can be hidden while you rest your hands on the armrest of our sofa. Isolate yourself, be in and out of the lounge, and divide the space. Thin plywood arms of Versis are designed to reduce the bulk of the height. Tubular arm-like bent metal bases can not only create bulk reduction, but also help keep the floor clean considering the size of the sofa. The inner space of the sofa helps travellers who always need meetings in public settings. The concept of Versis allows different combinations of upholstery and colour schemes in the same sofa. This privacy promising sofa welcomes you with medium and high versions and is a key piece for restaurants or office environment. All around closed boxes or 2 sides open boxes are offered alternatively. Versis legs can be chromed or powder coated.

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