The working population is on the rise. We are expected to create accordingly efficient spaces which can be used for more than one purpose. To is a smart and human-centered design piece which serves for both leisure and work. For home or professional use; for rest or at an informal meeting, for you… For To, we drew inspiration from the Divan (Turkish for sofa/council) Culture of Ottoman where face-to-face communication highly mattered. We aimed to enhance certain aspects of nonverbal communication through design and found To to allow the effective use of jests and help its hosts maintain eye contact during gatherings. The depth and height of the seat strengthens communication and reduces the hierarchy between participants. With To, everyone is equally dominant. Also, contrary to a traditional meeting, all attendees may simultaneously review documents on To’s low coffee table and maintain a degree of control. This simple-mindedness also helps increase the influence of the presenter or speaker on his listeners.

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