A sculptural minimalism Our design approach for this product was simpler, the better or a sculptural minimalism method with great quality. When it came to elegancy, metal legs and side views of an armrest help enrich this product. Mira can be seen as a wonderful selection if location allows viewers to see the back of the sofa. The angular back brings simplicity and elegancy with help of the metal leg as a major structural part of the design. A fixed seat and soft foam cushion with clean lines can be fantastic to sit on. The sofa system Mira is designed by Farm Design and is characterized by aesthetic, comfort, flexibility and spaciousness. Mira has a lightweight design which blends perfectly into any place and remains timeless. With its innovative and unique design Mira is very suitable for modern lobbies, waiting areas, break rooms or any contemporary designed homes. Its structure, geometric form and superior upholstery bring movement and warmth to daily life in working and living areas.

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