collection lounge armchairs ress Beauty of retro lines We approached this chair as a modern looking couch bringing features of traditional 60’s design idea of lines and angles shaped with modern material. We stepped in to making an armchair, and ended up with a family of sofas so customers could choose and design their own interiors. The sewing details are the most important part of the design by characterizing the product, making it look gorgeous. The geometry and softness are well mixed in the design process. The inner metal construction comes out of the product and becomes the feet for its’ base. This one piece metal structure strengthens the piece yet gives it a lightweight perception. Traces of the past are identified with the help of aesthetic outer linings on the upholstery. With its lightweight and nostalgic design, Ress helps to create inspiring spaces while reflecting formality and comfort. Wherever it is used, Ress creates a warm atmosphere with its armchair and a two seats sofa or a three seat sofa options. Ress brings harmony and elegance to the living spaces with its presence.

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