Certain level of elegancy Studio deberenn punctuated the space saving question by Pera. Sometimes small is not enough to bring comfort. So the designers had to create a new sofa, both solving the size and conformance of the chair. The angular armrest makes the product a space saver with a comfortable hand on feel approach. Pera has natural and playful lines with its balanced and surprising space saving design. Pera armchair and sofa collection can be used as a perfect contract seating arrangement and is applicable by its simple design in lobbies, lounges as well as offices. Details in upholstery and with a nicely finished foot detail, the design reached a certain level of elegance. Pera adapts to all areas with its clear lines and creates functional living and working spaces. The Pera armchair and sofa summarize functional features associated with public use, but their surprising lines and high resistance upholstery perfectly meet also the demands of domestic settings. Same top configuration now completed with Pera sofa’s legs. A sleek, chromed metal leg; match it with Pera or other collections.

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