conference tables


As the name suggests, Pitstop defines alternative spaces to conduct brief individual and team efforts and minute meetings. Creating alternative spaces within spaces, Pitstop provides technological solutions and versatility, an option to work and rest without having to hide behind walls. Pitstop has a compact structure to create new spaces within spaces without being limited by walls, offering an answer to requirements of new age work environment as a whole. Pitstop has 4 versions: Pitstop, Pitstop Lounge, Phonestop and Videostop. Along with lighting and acoustic solutions, Pitstop also includes Nurus Links® connections, introducing premium technological features. Nurus Links® provides power source and internet connection, along with USB charger, VGA, and HDMI sockets for screens. While inner surface of Pitstop offers a variety of choices, outer surface also offers mountable high table and screen features to ensure functional utilization.


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