Architects never feel comfortable with products limiting them. This uncomfortable feeling brought Studio deberenn to design the Loca where any CAD drawing could become a reality by using straight, concave and convex designs. Loca is designed to answer the architect’s freedom by solving the lounge seating. Modularity for any lounge idea brings a continuous form, and proves our endless design. Straight or curvilinear solutions are all possible and chromed metal bases emphasize the continuity. Still comfortable with a fashionable look, Loca proves to energize the ongoing space.
This simple and essential sofa is formed by two upholstered strips which run parallel to each other. The backrest, if used as such, intersects the seat to create a double-faced seat. An unexpected crossing of lanes which changes the direction of this stylish piece. Loca is designed for using in large environments modular rationality introducing a surprising functionality and appearance of lightness into the continuous flow.

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