The idea for Bullseye came about when observing people’s habits in large open spaces e.g. Airports, hotel foyers, large office spaces and communal public spaces. Many people when forced to wait in a specific area for any length of time will respond to the environment around them and if there are not any typical seating options available to them, then they will find a way of getting as comfortable as they can. This can often mean lying down with your personal belongings as the ballast to help make you comfortable. It made sense to create a piece that would offer both upright as well as casual seating options.
With Bullseye you can lie or lounge on the outer perimeter and sit in a slightly more conventional way in the inner sanctum. It is also designed to become an obvious social hub and would work for informal meetings as well as an iconic meeting space which would be easily identifiable when searching for your friends say in an airport.

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