Design and geometry A simple invitation to sit down; this object evolves in the middle of a space as playful and simple seating element which distinguishes itself in both color and material. Basic cubic and circular shapes blend with almost any architectural environment. You can therefore use Moda for highly versatile applications. All moda items can be fixed or on castors as per your choice.
In addition to the basic round and square shapes, Moda also offers a curved amorphous shape which creates a nice group with 4 identical pieces. In your environment, you can use 4 pieces as a center piece and when you need you have 4 loose poufs. The vertical and horizontal curves are showing the design character of the Moda curved unit.
A design full of dynamism and joy with functionality. Moda, with its pleasant and different geometry, merges with the rest of the architectural elements defining each space. The variety of modules help to create a versatile sitting environment; are ideal for waiting rooms, lounges, lobbies, and libraries. Moda has been designed for both homes and public spaces. The bicolour fabric combination facilitates adaptability to different ambiences. The surfaces and the various elements of upholstery, the tailoring, the stitching detail on the covers are all combined in this highly expressive piece.

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