Bang Bang

Bang Bang stools are inspired by the outer wires of a drum and designed by David Fox. Organically donut shaped upholstery cushions, the user sits against its’ engineered wire frame.
The bases can be upholstered to synergize with other products, providing a softer option and offering flexibility. Upholstered in a range of contract fabrics and leathers, the steel parts of Bang Bang can be chromed, or epoxy powder coated.
It is often the small things in life that give us so much pleasure since they make us aware of true quality, sensitize us to the intentive nature of craftsmanship. Bang Bang is a compact, elegant stool that showcases great design, comfort and is exceptionally practical. This easy stool has a distinctive dynamic form which will liven up any environment. It is ideally can be used in living rooms, atriums or hotel lobbies and breakout spaces. Bang bang is available in a selection of fabrics and as an option base frame can be upholstered.

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